Off the Wall - Artwork is cool, comformin at UALR

By Werner Trieschmann
Arkansan Democrat-Gazette Aug.25th, 2006

There is no soundtrack accompanying Kana Harada's show at UALR's Gallery III, but after pondering her delicate sculptures in "amaoto - sound of heaven" you might swear you hear birds chirping.

Harada, a Dallas artist who was born and reared in Japan, has created ornate, bird-cage-like structures from black foam material. These pieces, which also look like chandeliers or ornamental head-dresses, are suspended from the rafters on thin strings. Thanks to the air conditioning (blesses, blessed air conditions) a few of them twirl as if pushed gently by a ghostly presence.

The only thing that might add to the impact of the pieces would be if there was some way to play with the shadows ther create. Gallary III is not closed off, so there is light that bleeds in from other areas and spoils the effect.

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